Joshua Tree Residence

Joshua Tree Residence is a luxury Paradise Valley home situated between Mummy Mountain and Camelback Mountain. The 8,628 Sq. ft, 7 bedroom 9 bath home was designed as part house, part art gallery for the client's expansive sculpture collection. An accompanying 2 bed, 1 bath guest house allows ample room for visiting family. The form of the house is shaped by its surroundings, mirroring the terrain between the two mountains and the shape of the prominent wash on the property. This form is also ideal for the organization of the house, with a spacious public great room that is literally open to the views and outside spaces nestled between the two larger and solid private volumes. Large bedrooms and private baths ensure comfort and an airy sense of space. Private wings wrapping the central public space create quiet private retreats without sacrificing views or a feeling of connection to the rest of the house.

As one enters, a contrasting floor pattern draws the eye and body through the open central volume and over the negative edge of the pool terrace toward the mountain.

The panels in the south wall of the great room slide away to open and connect the interior with the exterior, taking advantage of the fair climate and panoramic vistas. The floor remains level with the exterior deck and water, creating one plane that falls into the desert at the negative edge of the pool.

This home will not be constructed.


Great Room


Motor Court